Infographic - Copyright Myths

I found this great graphic that debunks the common assumptions about copyright. This is an issue I have had to deal with personally. I have had people blatantly steal my work and post it as their own, I have had companies use my images in marketing materials without permission, credit or compensation, I have had bloggers use my images without asking or giving credit or links back to my site and the list goes on, and on. 

It seems that most people simply do not know the rules. Granted there are many images floating around the internet that are meant to be shared and used freely, but that doesn't mean that all images are the same. All of my images are protected under copyright, they may not be used without my permission, period! Educate yourself about copyrights and the rights of artists, and please, respect artists' work. 

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Exposed at the Alliance for the Arts

For those of you in Southwest Florida, please join me this Friday at the Alliance for the Arts' opening reception for the Exposed: Face and Figure invitational exhibition. I am proud to have had three of my fine art nude prints selected to be featured in this exhibition, here's a preview of what I will have on display.

A preview of my prints to be featured in the Exposed: Face and Figure exhibition at the Alliance for the Arts.

A preview of my prints to be featured in the Exposed: Face and Figure exhibition at the Alliance for the Arts.

The reception will take place from 5:00 - 7:30 pm on Friday, September 6, 2013 at the Lee County Alliance for the Arts, 10091 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33919, phone: (239) 939-2787. For a more detailed description of the exhibition, check out this article by local Southwest Florida art commentator Tom Hall.

Laura Myers and the Avant Garde

Laura MyersSince moving back to the USA I have taken an interest pushing my work in a more avant garde direction. Recently, I worked with model Laura Myers. If you ever have a chance to shoot with Laura, do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on that opportunity. She is really great and she usually shows up with a lot of accessories and ideas. In this case, a long red wig and some twine.

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Seven Day Suspension

Seven day suspension from Facebook for this image of Tara Ryze

Remember when you were a kid and you got suspended from school, usually your parents grounded you as well, depending on what you did. The only upside was not having to go to school, but it was still a bummer because you would miss out on things like TV, dessert, soda pop, seeing your friends or whatever your parents decided was punishment. Well, I have been suspended from Facebook for seven days. 

The image above is what got me in trouble this time, in the past I have had other suspensions and I have been warned not to post content that violates Facebook’s ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ policies. Except, in this case, I can’t understand why this type of content would be taken down as it does not contain nudity or pornography. I have seen much more revealing images on Facebook and I have even posted a few myself that passed previous scrutiny.

Another possibility is that the image was either deemed some sort of copyright violation or it was reported by someone for any number of reasons. I would be very disappointed if that were the case.

I am curious to hear about other’s experiences. Have you been suspended from Facebook? What were the circumstances, why were you suspended? Did you keep some screen grabs of the incident? Use the comments below to shar your story. 

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