with Bryon Paul McCartney 

Registrations are currently open for my Fine Art Erotic Nude Photography Workshop on September 10th and 11th, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our home for the workshop will be provided by by Dr. Laura at the Sin City Gallery. For those of you who will be attending the Photoshop World Conference, this is an excellent opportunity to extend your educational experience with hands-on photography learning.

This workshop is extremely limited with a maximum of four participants and two models. The schedule will be intensive as we will pack as much information into the program as possible. The main goal of this workshop is to help you develop and improve your eye for tasteful and artistic erotic nude photography. We will also discuss how to select and work with models, how to communicate with and direct models, how to visualize and compose your images, and how to edit and post-process. 

What is Erotic Nude Photography? Let’s use the following definition: sexy, sensual and suggestive photography, imagery that is meant to turn on the brain. It’s a simple idea, you will learn how to communicate, build rapport and establish trust with your models, then how to guide the experience in front of your camera while controlling the light and composition. Erotic photography does not need to be complicated. I will show you my system and give you the tools to help you adapt the fundamentals I teach you into your own unique approach.

What will the workshop be like? Each day will include two three to four hour shooting sessions (locations to be determined), in between and after, we will have discussions and critiques about the work you are creating, in order to help you rapidly focus your energy and efforts. Discussions will be ongoing and delve into every detail of fine art nude photography.

Why should you attend this workshop? In addition to being an award-winning and published fine art nude photographer myself, I have been teaching fine art nude workshops for the past several years. Very simply, I am a good teacher. Participants in this workshop will have hands-on experience and instruction. This is not simply a chance to shoot nude models, it’s a learning experience that will help you improve your comfort level with models, refine your skills in imagining and creating great images, and help you move to the next step in your craft.

Our Models


If you love to shoot fine art nudes, do not miss this special opportunity to work closely with me and these amazing models in Las Vegas.

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Additional Details:

  • Description: Two-day photography workshop with Bryon Paul McCartney and selected models
  • Dates: Saturday, 10th September and Sunday, 11th September, 2011
  • Enrollment: Limited to Four Participants only*
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding area
  • Theme: Erotic Nude Photography
  • Program Content: Guided and individual hands-on shooting sessions, discussions and critiques
  • Costs: $950 per participant, includes after-workshop online critiques and Skype follow-ups for three months

If you have questions or want more details, contact me to setup a skype conference so we can discuss the workshop before you decide to register.

Register Today! Space is limited to four participants only!

*While limiting the number of participants does increase the costs of the workshop, it also gives each participant the opportunity to deeply focus on their work and to also have abundant one-to-one time with myself and of course, shooting with the models. If you are looking for a model sharing session where there are 2-3 models and 15 guys all shooting the same things simultaneously, then this workshop is not for you. I am looking for participants who want to learn. In this workshop I will show you how I approach and shoot in the genre of erotic nude photography, but I am also going to help you direct and define your own style and approach.