An Update

Dear friends, fans, followers and other interested parties,

The facts of my absence and lack of activity on this site are not in dispute. The past months I have been very busy with several major changes in my life.

For one, in September, my wife and I moved out of our beloved 300 sqm. home/office/studio apartment. It was a bittersweet moment when we turned over the keys, however, our move did not take us far. In fact, we only moved one floor lower in the same building, but our new home is about half the size, so no real chance to have even a small studio to work in. 

With this in mind, we began searching for a new studio. Joining us in our search was my good friend and fellow photographer Philippe Wiget (check out his wedding photography). Phil and I have talked about sharing a studio for the past couple of years and, finally, the planets had aligned to the point where we both could find a common solution.

Let me tell you, finding a proper studio space is not an easy task in Zürich, Switzerland. We started looking in September. I thought we would look at many, many spaces, but in actuality, we saw less than 10 total. Most spaces that were advertised were too small or the ceiling height was too low or they didn’t have basic amenities or were in the wrong location. It’s stressful shopping for a space like this, but fortunately for us, the torture ended in mid-January.

We found what I can only describe as the perfect space. It’s an old car repair shop with 170 sqm on the ground floor and another 110 sqm in the basement. It has skylights and plenty of windows and a good ceiling height of just under 4 meters. To be honest, I can’t imagine how it could be much better. Certainly, we have a lot of work to do to get it fixed up and looking sharp, but everything in good time.

 A panorama of our new studio in Zürich.

As you can imagine, without a proper shooting space, I have not done much studio shooting in the past months, however, I have been shooting a lot with my iPhone (follow me on Tumblr) and I managed a few shoots in October, which I will post soon.

We will start moving into the new studio at the beginning of this coming week. The goal is to have the place in decent shape to start working out of by about mid-February. Of course, I will be offering my classes and workshops in this new space and the studio will open up new possibilities for lighting and fine art nude workshops, and for those of you interested in renting a studio in Zürich, please let me know.

Finally, since we are still in the month of January, let me offer my warm wishes for a great new year and new decade. I already see signs that this year will be better than the last, and, at least for me as an American, I am hopeful that we can begin to right some of the wrongs that came out of my country’s failed politics under the Bush administration.

Please stay tuned, I will be following with regular posts on this blog throughout the year. You can expect articles and advice, news updates and images. I have already started updating my portfolio, so be sure to check out my commercial and personal work and let me know what you think.

With warm regards,

Bryon Paul McCartney





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