Today, I took the opportunity to shoot again with Benedetta who is visiting here from Rome. Rita Primerano from the Vitality Center was on hand to provide makeup and hair. Rita and I had previously discussed trying some retro 40’s makeup styling, so the corsets fit perfectly within that theme. The corsets were provided by Beata Sievi of Atelier Entre Nous here in Winterthur. I have been working with Beata since about 2004, when I first saw her corsets in a window display on Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. She makes everything by hand, every detail is considered, from the selection of materials, the construction of the ribbing and framework and especially the inspirations behind the designs. Beata’s works are very personal artworks, made individually for each client. The end products often include clues or messages reflective of the garment owner’s interests.

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