Evolving the workshop experience.

During my Easter break in Tuscany, I had a great time relaxing at

il Poggiolo

and traveling around the region. The time off gave me the opportunity to think about my upcoming workshops and to start to lay some plans and scout new locations that we can recommend to students.

One major change this year is that we will have more of a focus on individual tutoring and reviews. I feel this will allow students more flexibility to decide what, how and where they want to shoot. I have always had a focus on individual development in my workshops, but in the past, we always had a big focus on going to locations together as a group. This year I am planning to give students more control on how they spend their time. Of course, there will still be some group shooting sessions. However, this year, I want to take more time to work with students individually, to help them move in their own unique directions.

I am confident that this will provide both returning and new students a deeper sense of development. I think it will also allow everyone to utilize their time in whatever way they prefer.

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