Toward the Within

Claudia shot by Bryon Paul McCartney at a Paris hotel.

Someone really famous or smart said that great photographers do not take pictures, they make pictures. When I first heard this, I understood the words, but I did not know their importance. It’s so true. Even if I work with the best model and all other elements are perfectly planned and organized, I still have to stand behind the camera and direct what’s happening before me. Sometimes it can be a struggle (we all have bad days). Sometimes it takes only the smallest of suggestions or a simple glance or smirk. Sometimes I have to raise my voice. Sometimes I have to gently beg. But in every case, I have to make the picture happen in front of my camera. It surprises me to no end to hear a model or even another photographer complement me on how I work with models. It’s what comes most naturally to me.

This image of Claudia is a simple reaction to a suggestion. I don’t remember the precise details, but I do remember asking her to imagine she was laying in bed next to her boyfriend. I was asking her to draw some emotion from her memories, from deep inside. To show me how she would look at someone she wanted and needed to be close to. I don’t know if the expression is honest, it’s not a requirement, all that is required is the result, the viewer can place his/her own interpretation to what they say. That is the true beauty of photography.

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LABB Magazine, is a UK-based art, fashion and photography magazine. Their current issue features a lovely spread of my dance photography images featuring ballet dancer and Cirque du Soleil performer, Giulia Piolanti. You can see a limited preview of their current issue on their website, or if you see it on the stands, be sure to buy, it won’t be there for long. Below is a thumbnail of the first spread of my article, but you’ll really want to buy it so you can see the rest ;-) Many thanks to the LABB team and especially Dave Piper!

Bryon Paul McCartney is featured in Vol. 2 of LABB Magazine





Today, I took the opportunity to shoot again with Benedetta who is visiting here from Rome. Rita Primerano from the Vitality Center was on hand to provide makeup and hair. Rita and I had previously discussed trying some retro 40’s makeup styling, so the corsets fit perfectly within that theme. The corsets were provided by Beata Sievi of Atelier Entre Nous here in Winterthur. I have been working with Beata since about 2004, when I first saw her corsets in a window display on Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. She makes everything by hand, every detail is considered, from the selection of materials, the construction of the ribbing and framework and especially the inspirations behind the designs. Beata’s works are very personal artworks, made individually for each client. The end products often include clues or messages reflective of the garment owner’s interests.

To see all the final results and some more backstage images, please visit the full gallery.


Some Results

Hot Girls and Hot Cars

This weekend I have a model visiting from Rome. This afternoon we decided to head over to the old parkhaus across from where I live in the Sulzer Areal in Winterthur, Switzerland. We had simply planned to go over there and take a few fashion shots in this old converted factory. When we arrived, I noticed there was a group of people at the opposite side of the hall. We started shooting together and within a few minutes, one of them came over to ask if we wanted to join them and shoot with the cars they had. Luckily they had some nice cars. 

This turned out to be a great coincidence as I got some nice shots out of it. Check out the images below.

Shooting with a Sexy Older Woman

This is not the first time I have worked with ‘women of a certain age’. In fact, I have done several private shootings with women over 40 over the past few years. I have found these experiences greatly rewarding and I think it is something more and more women should consider doing for themselves. I know several women who, after getting married, having children and starting to see the signs of aging, tend to stop thinking of themselves as sexy and attractive. Personally, I think the key to being sexy has less to do with your looks than it does in knowing who you are, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and having confidence in yourself. Nothing will help build that confidence better and more quickly than a photo shoot with an experienced photographer and make-up artist. And just imagine the reaction you will have from your husband or partner when he sees your sexy photos.