Welcome to the Bryon Paul McCartney dot com!

For those of you slowly discovering that I have changed my website, welcome to the new page. I have decided to create this new site as a way to consolidate my work and information. It is a slow process, as I am very busy with assignments at the moment, but I hope to have everything finished in the next couple of weeks.

So what’s new? Coming soon to this new site, we will have some new features:

  • An expanded portfolio of both my commercial and personal work.
  • Regular portfolio updates, with rotations of images old and new.
  • This blog, to keep you posted on upcoming projects, announcements, articles and workshops.
  • A reference area for my recommended books and equipment.

As we go forward, we will certainly be interested to know what you think of the site and how we can make improvements. Please feel free to leave comments or send a mail through our contact page.

Thanks for visiting.

Bryon Paul McCartney